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APF-I durable core

The productHas a national scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate (2012National Scientific and technological achievements certification (2016National acceptance Certificate of scientific and technological achievements (2016年)、2A national invention patent certificate;

★ This product has been included in the State Forestry Administration's key promotion twice100A catalogue of forestry scientific and technological achievements;

★ This product has a high degree of social recognition and has been positively reported by a number of national newspapers。

   Storage conditions:Store in low temperature or cool place, shelf life10个月。

   Validity period:Effective duration in the field30Days, validity period ≥60However, the high temperature, dry and windy environment will make the high efficiency duration shorter。

   How to use:Open the outer package and hang the black bag core directly on the trap。

   Note:1Do not tear the black core or puncture any part of the core, otherwise it will causeThe effect period becomes shorter;

  (2)每30Replace the lure once a day;

  (3Please take the discarded core and outer packaging away from the place of use;

  (4This product is safe and environmentally friendly, but allergic individuals are not excluded. Please wear protective masks and gloves when touching this product;

  (5This product is ready to open the bag, do not ingest。

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